DJ 101 - Analyzing Audio Files in Serato

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other dj101 analyze main seratoThe various Serato DJ software programs offer a variety of features to help enhance your DJ performance.  One feature offered is the ability to analyze audio files prior to using them.  Analyzing an audio file prepares the waveform overviews, detects file corruption, calculates BPM values and creates Beatgrids.  This articles walks through why and how to analyze audio files in Serato.

Why Analyze Audio Files?

Analyzing files in Serato ensures that your songs are ready when you need to use them.  It also reduces CPU load when DJing. We recommend you analyze songs as they are added to your library.

When the hardware is connected, Set Beatgrid and Set Auto BPM options are in effect. Keep these checked in the offline player if you wish to have new tracks analyzed with these values when dragging files to a deck.

NOTE: If you have files you don’t wish to re-analyze, you can now Lock tracks

How to Analyze Files

To analyze audio files, open Serato DJ with your hardware disconnected.

Click on the Analyze Files button.  This automatically analyzes all the tracks in your library.

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NOTE: You can also drag-and-drop individual folders, crates and files directly onto the Analyze Files button in order to analyze individual songs or groups of songs without analyzing the entire song library.

Now that your files are analyzed, they show the BPM and instantly displays the wave overview.  Enjoy!



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