DJ 101 - Making Crates in Serato

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Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 6.14.31 PMAll DJs know how important it is to keep their music libraries organized.  Serato makes it easy by including a feature called Crates.  Many Numark controllers such as the NS7, NS6, Mixtrack Pro I and II and the Mixdeck series, work with the Serato.  This guide walks through how to build crates and orgnize your music in the various Serato programs.

Note: once you build a Library in any one of these programs it will be shared through out all the programs.


Adding Crates to Serato

  1. Click on the box icon with the plus sign.

    numark serato crates crates

    An icon will appear in the library section labeled crate 1.

  2. Double click on the crate 1 icon and it will turn gray.

  3. Type the name of the crate.

    Note: You can make as many crates as you wish.

  4. Click on the Files icon located over the library browser.

    numark serato crates files icon

  5. Navigate to your music library and find the song you wish to add.

    numark serato crates 6.19.43 PM

  6. Drag the song into the crate and repeat.

    numark serato crates 10.20.48 AM

Note: You can add the same song into multiple crates.

Note: You may also be able to drag full Folders to the crate section and have it turned into a crate with all the music in that folder now in the crate, with the folders  name as the crate.

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