Marantz Pro Pod Pack 1 - Frequently Asked Questions

PodPack1 mainThe Pod Pack 1 is a professional upgrade to any broadcast studio.  The kit consists of a high-quality condenser microphone paired with a fully-adjustable suspension boom arm, keeping the desk clear and the microphone always in position for podcasting, on-air or voice-over applications.

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Marantz Pro MPM-2000U - Frequently Asked Questions

MPM2000U Ortho webTopping the line of Marantz USB microphones, the MPM-2000U is perfect for recording high-quality audio directly to a digital audio workstation (DAW). Its studio-quality frequency response and built-in 48kHz/16-bit A-D converter make it ideal for recording vocals, instruments and percussion.

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Marantz Pro MPM-3500R - Frequently Asked Questions

MPM3500R mainThe Marantz Pro MPM-3500R is a high-quality ribbon microphone built for detailed studio recording. With high sensitivity, low self-noise, and a wide dynamic range, this microphone will bring the best out of any instrument from strings to rock vocals and percussion. This article discusses some of the popular questions about it's features and specifications.


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Marantz Pro Audio Scope SG Series - Frequently Asked Questions

Microp3The Audio Scope SG Mics are versatile, mounted on a camera, boom, or remotely placed and are suited for the rigors of broadcast production. These microphones are particularly well-suited to outdoor recording, because they exhibit superb control over the unwanted negative effects of off-axis sounds. Conventional microphones can’t match the SG Series' focused pickup pattern and thus a conventional microphone can’t deliver anywhere near the same degree of articulation and detail.


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Marantz Pro MPM-1000U - Frequently Asked Questions

MPM 1000U mainThe MPM-1000U is perfect for podcasting applications or recording high-quality audio directly to a computer or digital audio workstation (DAW). The built-in driver enables plug-and-play USB performance, and its smooth frequency response will put the finishing touch on any project. This guide will discuss a number of frequently asked questions about the MPM-1000U microphone.

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Marantz Pro Audio Scope SB-C2 - Frequently Asked Questions

SBC2 MainThe Marantz Pro Audio Scope SB-C2 is a specially designed microphone to upgrade the sound of built-in microphones on consumer DSLR cameras, with microphone elements in a X/Y pattern to create true stereo sound. This article will discuss some commonly asked questions about the Marantz Pro Audio Scope SB-C2.

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