Mac OS X - Opening Files from an Unidentified Developer

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The security system on Apple computers has a feature called Gatekeeper that restricts the types of apps that can be installed on a Mac computer. By default, the apps you download from the app store are allowed by Gatekeeper and the ones from unidentified developers are blocked. You can bypass this security entirely for all software or just temporarily for one software at a time.

This article will walk you through how to disable the security & privacy settings on your computer to be able to open files from unidentified developers.


Full Bypass

Here is how you can disable the security & privacy settings to open files from unidentified developers:

  1. Click on the Apple logo and select System Preferences.

    Mac Apple Logo

  2. Select Security & Privacy.

    Mac 2

  3. Select Firewall. Click on the lock to unlock with your computer password.

    (If your computer is not password protected, this action will take you directly to the next step)

    Mac 4firewall

  4. Click on Turn Off Firewall.

    Mac 4

  5. Select General and click on Open Anyway.

    Mac 5

  6. Click on Open to start installing the application.

    Mac 52


Temporary Bypass:

If you don't want to disable Security & Privacy permanently, you can temporarily bypass it to allow only this app to install on your computer:

  1. To bypass Security & Privacy to install this app, go to your toolbar and select Finder.

    Mac screen

  2. Click on Downloads.

    Mac Downloads

  3. Find the app you want to install, right-click on it and select Open.

    Mac right click

  4. You will see the message "This app is from an unidentified developer. Are you sure you want to open it?" Select Open to start installing the app.

    Mac Message


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